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Soshi Collection Update

My deluxe edition of Girls' & Peace finally showed up!!

Yay - early Christmas present to myself, lol.

I was actually starting to think that it had gotten lost, but nope it came today along with my copy of Kara's Karasia tour DVD, which I've had a quick skim though.

So pretty...

Anyway, the deluxe edition comes with the album as well as a DVD with the music videos for Paparazzi (normal & gold), All My Love is For You, Oh! (normal & dance) and Flower Power (normal & dance). As you can see, it also comes with 9 posters! (I am slightly disappointed with Jessica's since it only shows her head compared to the others) and a notebook along with a photo/lyric book. It all comes in a cosmetic box (I think). So so worth the money.

So, I now have:

Girls' & Peace: Deluxe edition
The Complete Video Collection: First Press (with poster & Yoona pen)
Paparazzi: First Press (with poster)
Twinkle (with Tiffany photocard)
The Boys: Re:Packaged Japanese album (CD & DVD)
The Boys (with group photocard)
Hoot (with Taeyeon photocard)
Genie (Japanese single) (CD & DVD)
Run Devil Run (with Yuri poster)
The First Album
Yuri Notebook
Into The New World: The First Asia Tour (DVD & photobook)

I'm really looking forward to watching my Karasia DVD, but sadly it doesn't have Break It, thought they did perform it during the concerts, as seen in fancams. Oh well. At least it has Step! Yay!!

Girls' Generation Tiffany & Seohyun Icons

My latest batch of Girls' Generation icons. 

This time, they just feature Tiffany and Seohyun.

#9 Tiffany
#7 Seohyun







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Please credit as: sakurarose88

Girls' Generation & Seung-yeon Icons

Here's my newest batch of icons.

#20 Girls' Generation
#16 Seung-yeon (Guilty MV)

Girls' Generation


Credit as sakurarose88
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Icon Batch

I've been experimenting with colouring and effects on photobucket (don't have photoshop), so here's the ones I've finished.
Mainly Girls' Generation (as per usual), but this time I've also included some SPICA icons.

Girls' Generation:


Please credit as sakurarose88

Girls' Generation Oh! MV

Here it is, the MV for the title song from Girls' Generation's new single, the song that has been shrouded in mystery and it is Oh! Japanese version.

This is a remake of their 2010 Korean hit and while I'm disappointed with the fact that it is a remake we're getting rather than a new song, I do like it. As with their previous remakes, Genie, Gee and Run Devil Run, the MV for this is similar to the original, but with some differences. For Oh!, the major difference is that is no Black Soshi, which led into the Korean Run Devil Run MV and their is a lack of storyline which was evident in the original - the girls practising their cheerleading before a game. But other than that, I think this MV is really good and I think I might even prefer it to the original, since I think that their outfits look better, as do the girls since their big hair has gone.

As for the song, I like it. It doesn't sound too awkward and this is probably due to the fact that they have kept some of the Korean and this is evident in the chorus. The song has managed to retain its upbeat and fun-ness.

Japanese Version

Korean Version

My overall opinion of Oh! is that I prefer the Japanese MV but the Korean song, lol.

60 All My Love is For You Icons

60 icons for Girls' Generation's All My Love is for You MV

Please comment and credit as sakurarose88 if you take any.

All My Love is for You | Review

Ahead on the release of their new single (which is still surrounded in mystery) on the 26th, they have released the MV for the B-Side track which is entitled All My Love is for You.

As you know, I am a sucker for ballads and this song is no exception. I was hoping that their new song was going to be a ballad, because I really don't think they do enough and I love their ballads the most, so I was so happy to find out that one of the songs was going to be a ballad and the fact that we got an MV for it, is amazing.

To start with, its nice to see them have an MV without a crazy several-minutes-long into ala The Boys, Time Machine and Paparazzi. Straight into the song without any messing about. What else I like is that it wasn't their usual dance/sing in a box. Instead, it features the girls' practising a dance and has Taeyeon drawing them, which was a really nice touch, especially when the camera zoomed into the picture to the girls sat singing and wearing some simply stunning dresses. Speaking of their outfits, I also liked the ones that they wore when they were dancing, though they did somewhat remind me of the Bad Girl outfits.

I think that really, my only disappointment was the fact the Sooyoung didn't get any solo lines, compared to the others. I just thought it was a really shame that she didn't get any since we all know that she's got a great voice and the fact that all of the others had solo lines and she didn't seemed a bit unfair.

But on the whole, that's my only criticism. I thoughly enjoyed the song and the MV and I think its fast becoming one of my favourite songs and MVs of theirs.

Can't wait for the new single on the 26th!

Girls' Generation Paparazzi MV!

Girls' Generation's Paparazzi MV has been released:

I'll put my thoughts and feelings about it under a cut since it's only just been released and I don't want to spoil it - not that I'll say much anyway.

Life is a Party!Collapse )

Girls' Generation Paparazzi Teaser!

Okay, I'm a little bit excited...

Girls' Generation have announced that their new single will be called Paparazzi and it will be released on June 27th!

This is going to be their fourth Japanese release and they've already released some teasers for it.

I seriously can't wait for it.
And I'm going to do something I don't usually do, which is that I'm going to preorder the First Press Limited edition. Hopefully I will be able to get my hands on it.

Always for You

Wow, I actually didn't think I'd be writing another Chiaki/Kotoha story again, but then I did.

This little one-shot (which is actually the longest one-shot I've written) takes place after directly episode 20 with Kotoha confronting Chiaki, wanting to know why he was willing to sacrifice his humanity and become a Gedou in order to save her. This isn't a romance story though, just a friendship one.
I don't know how I came up with it, it just randomly popped into my head. I first thought of it a while ago and originally, it was going to be a retelling of episode 20, but then I realised that it was just the ending - the aftermath -  that I really wanted to write and once I sat down to write it, it only took a couple of hours which is very impressive for me.

So, here it is:

Title: Always for You
Rating: K+
Characters: Chiaki & Kotoha
Genre: Friendship - some Hurt/Comfort
Summary: Following episode 20, Kotoha wants to know why Chiaki would sacrifice his humanity to save her.

Always for YouCollapse )