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Suzuka Morita & Mikiho Niwa

Okay, so this is bit random, but thought I'd say...

Anway, I was looking at Suzuka Morita's (Kotoha/ShinkenYellow) blog and saw that she's cut her hair quite short and it reminded me of Mikiho Niwa (Moune/GoseiYellow), since the cut is very similar. I then looked back at older pictures of the two (yes, I have no life ^_^) and noticed that when they started their respective Sentai roles, back then their hair was also simliar. But then, just thinking now, both Rin Takanashi (Mako/ShinkenPink) and Rika Sato (Eri/GoseiPink) also have similar hair cuts. Hmmm

Anway, here are the new(er) pics:

Suzuka Moirta                                                                  Mikiho Niwa
And the older ones: