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Girls' Generation Oh! MV

Here it is, the MV for the title song from Girls' Generation's new single, the song that has been shrouded in mystery and it is Oh! Japanese version.

This is a remake of their 2010 Korean hit and while I'm disappointed with the fact that it is a remake we're getting rather than a new song, I do like it. As with their previous remakes, Genie, Gee and Run Devil Run, the MV for this is similar to the original, but with some differences. For Oh!, the major difference is that is no Black Soshi, which led into the Korean Run Devil Run MV and their is a lack of storyline which was evident in the original - the girls practising their cheerleading before a game. But other than that, I think this MV is really good and I think I might even prefer it to the original, since I think that their outfits look better, as do the girls since their big hair has gone.

As for the song, I like it. It doesn't sound too awkward and this is probably due to the fact that they have kept some of the Korean and this is evident in the chorus. The song has managed to retain its upbeat and fun-ness.

Japanese Version

Korean Version

My overall opinion of Oh! is that I prefer the Japanese MV but the Korean song, lol.