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All My Love is for You | Review

Ahead on the release of their new single (which is still surrounded in mystery) on the 26th, they have released the MV for the B-Side track which is entitled All My Love is for You.

As you know, I am a sucker for ballads and this song is no exception. I was hoping that their new song was going to be a ballad, because I really don't think they do enough and I love their ballads the most, so I was so happy to find out that one of the songs was going to be a ballad and the fact that we got an MV for it, is amazing.

To start with, its nice to see them have an MV without a crazy several-minutes-long into ala The Boys, Time Machine and Paparazzi. Straight into the song without any messing about. What else I like is that it wasn't their usual dance/sing in a box. Instead, it features the girls' practising a dance and has Taeyeon drawing them, which was a really nice touch, especially when the camera zoomed into the picture to the girls sat singing and wearing some simply stunning dresses. Speaking of their outfits, I also liked the ones that they wore when they were dancing, though they did somewhat remind me of the Bad Girl outfits.

I think that really, my only disappointment was the fact the Sooyoung didn't get any solo lines, compared to the others. I just thought it was a really shame that she didn't get any since we all know that she's got a great voice and the fact that all of the others had solo lines and she didn't seemed a bit unfair.

But on the whole, that's my only criticism. I thoughly enjoyed the song and the MV and I think its fast becoming one of my favourite songs and MVs of theirs.

Can't wait for the new single on the 26th!